Hire an Offshore Digital Marketing Team

Why to bother about all the responsibilities and liabilities that come with hiring even a single full time employee, when you get to hire an experienced team of experts for no baggage of liabilties except a fixed monthly cost.

We have website designing, website maintenance, website development as well as various digital marketing facets' experts on board to provide expertise and solutions to clients as per their specific needs. We understand business needs and objectives for client ampaigns and work accordingly to help them achieve their business goals.

By hiring an offshore digital marketing team, you get

  • Project Manager

    For a diverse team of 3 or more, you get a free project manager, who supervises the team's activities, guides them and ensures successful deliveries for you on time.

  • Marketing Consultant

    For every hired expert, you get a mrketing consultant who will discuss your business objectives and goals and provides guidance to the hired team/professional based on his own expertise.

  • Daily Work Report

    Every hired team member sends a daily progress report so you can keep a track of productivity and project status. Account manager, if team is of 3 or more members, you get weekly status/progress reports too.

Want to hire an Offshore Team