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Our aim at is to make your business grow. And the best way to grow is to reach your target audience with the help of most engaging tools. This is exactly what digital marketing does at a very efficient cost. That is why we believe in digital marketing more than any other marketing tool and provide bespoke digital marketing services catering to your specific marketing budget and goals.

Search Engine Optimization

After all the Pandas and Penguines, Thunderbird and Mobilegeddon, Google has made its algorithm just for the true marketers. You can not play around with rankings anymore unless you take your audience and in turn customers seriously by serve them only what is best for them, be it your service, products or even the content. While it is good to provide as much customer service as possible, same does not hold true in case of search engine optimization. With 1000s of factor contributing to SERPs, it is important to have a right mix of on-page optimization and off-page optimization to be there on the top spot. And we have been getting there for many of our clients since 2005. Have a glimpse of what we have achieved so far..

BizarreDesigns Digital Marketing and Content Marketing Services - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services
Social Media Marketing

Being at the spot where your target audience is most often found is the best marketing technique and this is exactly what social media marketing achieves for your brand. What more? It leverages your search engine optimization efforts by boosting your rankings. Social media marketing is considered to be an ideal tool for brand building, relationship building, building loyalty, and infact many brands are using it for client retention by appropriately and promptly responding to all positive and negative relevant messages & posts. We at take pride in diriving more than a few successful social media campaigns with visually meaningful and very relevant content shared and marketed on different social platforms. See for yourself..

Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Services - Social Media Marketing Services by BizarreDesigns
Email Marketing

Your email marketing strategy can make or break your brand. Staying away from spamming, spoofing and phishing always works, but dont forget to share only worth reading and catchy emails with highly relevant subject lines. Most emails get deleted even before they are opened to read because of poor subject lines and pre headers. Its a tight rope to walk through because little negligence can get your entire web presence suspended or penalised. Nonetheless, email marketing, till date is one of the most advantageous and cheapest way to communicate with your target audiance and has been able to effectively generate business with smallest budgets. Check few of our email campaigns' screenshots to be sure that we believe in what we preach..

Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Services - Email Marketing Services by BizarreDesigns
Content Marketing

Content is KING and your digital marketing strategy is successful only as long as you firmly believe and follow this thumb rule - Always create unique and great content which your target audience would love to read and refer to. There is tons of content lying there and much more is piled upon it every minute. It is not wise to just add to the piling content if you can not create a value addition. And YES! Google has tools and matrix of factors in its algorithm to calculate the interest of your readers. If your content is not read with interest, your content is considered to be of low quality and does not help in SERPs and generating traffic resulting in sales, providing you no benefit. Therefore content marketing is important to ensure that your content reaches to the right set of people effectively impacting your rankings, traffic and online reputation.

Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Services by BizarreDesigns
Mobile Marketing

With these smart hand held devices making access to everything on the net accessible from anywhere anytime, your audience is making a shift to mobile from desktops and laptops. This newer platform is still less captured and can get you ahead in the competition with a focussed and well defined mobile marketing strategy.

Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Services - Mobile Marketing Services by BizarreDesigns
Hire an expert digital marketing team with BizarreDesigns
Hire Offshore Team

An expert team is foundation of a strong portfolio. We take pride in having professionally trained as well as experienced leadership members who fondly mentor a tem of enthusiasts who love what they do or rather they do because of their love for it.

So, if you are looking for an expert team which looks at business from your perspective, puts your ideas into reality within your deadlines and works for your projects as if they are their own, giving you full ownership and control, with no liability except a monthly fixed remuneration, this is the place!

Learn Digital Marketing

Enrol yourself or your team for a digital marketing certification course with us. Our 20+ years experienced professionals will esure thorough learning and practical explosure on live projects with the help of case studies, Q/A sessions, assignments, tests and internship.

And you can do this all for FREE! Yes, you read it correct. The course becomes Free after you join internship for practical expposure on live projects.