Our Other Services

We put Business Growth in the plam of your hand,

Our aim at BizarreDesigns.com is to make your business grow. That is why we provide tailor made services in the form of ecommerce web site development, custom logo design and business web site design development to make your products look more attractive and your customers more comfortable with buying from you. Our inbound digital marketing and content marketing strategies make you reach your taregted audience at just right time to achieve your business goals.

Logo, Branding & Graphic Design

We specialise in developing logo concept in designing your logo that just conveys your brand message. We also build corporate identity and branding guidelines around your logo to create a long lived brand identity. Once this corporate identity is established, we specialise in providing all sort of marketing designs including marketing collaterals, billboard designs, newspaper advert designs as well as cover designs.

Logo and Creative Graphic Design Services by BizarreDesigns
Content Planning & Content Writing

Content is the soul of every marketing campaign! It is important to serve content as your target audience wants to view and is willing to engage with. We specialize is developing content strategy and writing well researched content to engage with our clients' target audience on right platforms, moving TGs to next stage of the sales funnel.

Content Strategy & Content Development Services by BizarreDesigns
SEO Friendly & Mobile Responsive Websites

We DON'T create just another website. All our websites are well researched and well thought before we publish them for the audience. We ensure that not only the code is well structured and clean but also all our websites are responsove to all devices as well as SEO frindly for Google promotion. We create websites which have the potential to turn ito money making machines as they hit the chord with the target audience.

Seo Friendly and Responsive Website Design & Development Services by BizarreDesigns
CMS and Ecommerce Websites

If you are looking for an easy website management to be done by your own team or looking for a full featured ecommerce website, which provides you all possible features as business owners and to your customers as potential buyers, then you have come to the right place. We create ecommerce websites which are quick to load, easy to navigate, visually appealing, mobile compatible.

Full Featured Ecommerce Website Design & Development Services by BizarreDesigns
Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing Services by BizarreDesigns
Inbound Marketing & Content Marketing

We know how to keep ahead of competition and have been doing the same for our clients for last almost 20 years now. Believing in Pull Marketing, we create successful inbound marketing strategies for our clients that help them in achieving their marketing goals.

Our marketing strategists brainstorm to create content marketing strategies that are most suitable for your business and derive results from each campaign.

Marketing Analytics and Marketing Strategy Services by BizarreDesigns
Marketing Strategy & Marketing Analytics

Your target audience, their behavioural patterns and their engagement patters with your ads, your campaign give you a lot of inights on how they want you and how they will want to be communicated in future. All you need to do is to understand their pattern by analysing the analytics repors and interpret correctly for optimizing your next campaigns.

You can easily start with successful campaigns if you have well thought and structured marketing strategt. And then, with each campaign of yours, you can become better by optimzing further based on analytics.