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We are a 20+ years old organization who is offering digital marketing services to clients across the globe. Starting from an internet cafe, way back in 2003, we did not know that it is going to be a huge industry and most businesses will consume their marketing budgets majorly via digital marketing platforms. But we were passionate about what we were doing, how clients were appreciating is and how things were turning in our favor, like the stars were all indicating towards a struggling yet very handsome future.

Yes, struggling because even today, we do not have a fixed package for all. We do not have a solution that fits all. We believe that because every business has different objectives, goals, preferences and targets, the solutions can not be same. One size can not fit all! We run through many meetings, indulge into internal brainstorming sessions and write-delete-rewrite 1000s words before we present a proposal to you!

Our struggle does not end here, it just passes from the business development & pre-sales teams to our execution teams. We spend long hours, drink 100s of coffees everyday and ensure that we get you what we had promised. We even have many bizarre Eureka moments when we are so engrossed in finding a solution for our clients that we even dream about it.

Finally when we hand over the reports and completed projects to our clients, we have the winning broad smile, proud nose in the air and a satisfaction deep inside the heart and thats when we get the reward for our struggle when you delightfully give us a thumbs up for what your received. This is why all our clients trust BizarreDesigns and know that if we commit we can well take care of it.

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Our Process

An Approach of Brilliance

Right from start to the end, we indulge ourselves into the skin of our clients, we think from business' perspective about what should work best for the business. And trust us, it's not simple.. it takes 4 step approach and a lot of efforts to keep our clients happy and their businesses flourish!



Team of business analysts, technical experts and the KAMs sit together to chalk out the client expectations, business needs and technical feasibilities. A detailed plan of action is prepared for hassle-free execution



Based upon the plan, the solution design is prepared along with the proposed phases, list of deliverables and due dates so there are no surprises on either ends. This step provides the exact guideline to the technical teams



Its time for execution by the technical teams. Multiple rounds of reviews, rejections and revisions happen and only high quality outputs get approved based upon the initial benchmarks set by the design team



HURRAH! Its time to party, we have done it again, well in time, upto the expectations, added another feather to our cap!

Become a Digital Marketing Expert by learning digital marketing courses
Learn Digital Marketing

with 100s of digital marketing institutes around, BizarreDesigns stands out as preferred digital marketing learning partner for aspiring candidates because we not only offer our experience and expertise, we do not compromise on the quality pf teaching and imparting knowledge.

All courses include in-depth knowledge sharing, parctical trainings, on-going assignments, free tools, unlimited Q/A sessions and one to one attention ensuring concept clarity and learning. Above all the live-projects internships, makes the course FREE for you!

Hire a digital marketing team with BizarreDesigns
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An expert team is foundation of a strong portfolio. We take pride in having professionally trained as well as experienced leadership members who fondly mentor a team of enthusiasts who love what they do or rather they do because of their love for it.

If you are looking for an expert team which looks at business from your perspective, puts your ideas into reality within your deadlines and works for your projects as if they are their own, giving you full ownership and control, with no liability except a monthly fixed remuneration, this is the place!